Hi there! My name's Glowstick "Oddity" Greeble, I started this page cause I got sick of the internet being commercialized and wanted my own little space to put my things. This site's a work in progress and I'm not the best at html/css, so watch your step and enjoy your stay!

Remember to turn on js and autoplay! This site is best viewed on desktop!

A button that says 'Google Chrome is EVIL!' with a spinning red pentagram on the right side. A button that alternates between 'KEEP THE WEB FREE/SAY NO TO WEB3' in green text on a black background. A basic, blue and black geocities button. A blue button that says 'Y2K' in rainbow block letters. A blue button that says 'Enhnaced HTML' with a spinning blue floppy disk on the left. A button that says 'This site is MIKU APPROVED!', with a picture of Hatsune Miku, a pale anime girl with blue pigtails, smiling on the left. A button that says 'NeoCities.org/The Web is Yours' in blue text. A button with a computer that says 'I LIKE COMPUTER'.
A hue-shifting gif that says 'new'. A hand drawn gif of a yellow computer, keyboard, and mouse.

What's new?

[3/22/2024] good evening... its here.. the sticker tutorial. check the floppy disks in the library if you want it! additionally, i did some more optimization on images on the homepage and elsewhere. hopefully the site loads nice and fast now. also: INKPOP is out!!! please consider getting a copy!! all the money's going towards an awesome cause :0) double also: new blog post!
[3/13/2024] writing really fast bc i have to go to my parents in 5 min um gallery updated optimized and fixed added a latest drawing thing to the homepage, ad for inkpop (please get a copy it will mean a lot and goes to a good cause), etc. lots of behind the scenes stuff in progress, wanted to do sticker bank tutorial today but ran out of time ill do it soon I LOVE YOU
[12/12/2023] Updated somethings to restore functionality, added an F.A.Q. page. Redid some site organization and started on some behind-the-scenes stuff. Big content update coming soon!
[6/11/2023] Fixed the music player (hopefully, hard to tell when the internet is shit at my parent's) and added a tutorial on how to set one up for yourself! Check out the library! also updated my about bc i had a birthday a month ago LOL
[6/8/2023] Created the library and recipe pages! Fixed the landing image fucking finally!
[5/18/2023] Updated gallery, added better image loading, updated gif of the week, updated commissions page, no new blog post but ill probably make another soon.
[5/4/2023] Fixed a minor issue with the JS, updated a couple things, new blog post.
[11/12/2022] Updated the about page a smidge, added a commissions page, added new graphics to the landing page, fixed alignment issues in the gallery, added a new blog post!
[8/28/2022] New blog post!
[8/4/2022] Added new art to the gallery, added a new blog post, added more mutuals to button section, added a guestbook, added a secret to the about page!
[7/14/2022] Updated the blog, updated the gif of the week, added new mutuals to button section, added a pac-man game to the main page!
[6/5/2022] Updated the blog for the first time in aaages.
[6/1/2022] Joined the Yesterweb! Added the animation section back into the gallery!
[5/29/2022] Joined the neocreatives webring! yippee!
[5/28/2022] Added a fun little interactive element to the homepage :-) check out the sticker bank!
[5/20/2022] Put up the gallery overhaul! it's still a work in progress. a few new 2d pieces are up too! refresh ur cache! also, it's my birthday! i'm an adult now! yaaaaay! i'd put up a blog post about it but it's already almost 4 am, whoops. also, i made the music player autoplay (sorry, it had to be done). also updated the gif of the week since it hadn't been done in over a month.
[5/13/2022] Not really a proper update but added a blog post with reminders to myself + updated the buttons page.
[5/10/2022] Added some new formatting stuff on the main page to make it look better :-) reformatted the blog page a little bit, added a new blog post! remember to REFRESH UR CACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[5/9/2022] Added a hit counter, reformatted the side columns so they auto-align, changed the background on the explore page + added new mutuals' buttons!
[4/15-16/2022] FINALLY fixed the got damn music player. if you guys are interested maybe ill share the code?
[4/14/2022] Put new mutuals in the button page, changed the gif of the week, new blog post.
[4/7/2022] Made a new about page! Check it out pretty pleasey? (remember to clear your cache and turn on autoplay/javascript!) New blog post!
[4/3/2022] Removed the webamp, changed the log graphic back, swapped the gifypet area and logs, added stamps to fill the space in the gifypet area, finally figured out the formatting on the gallery. new gif of the week :-) also some new stuff in the explore the web tab i think i dont remember lol
[3/19/2022] Added a webamp, tried + failed to get it to stay in one spot so dont resize your browser, okay?! Added new buttons, changed the log graphic to a panda, turned a weezer into a gifypet. Will probably swap the gifypet area and the logs.
[3/13/2022] Swapped the update log with the music player. Now, you should be able to listen to music wherever the iframe takes you! (in theory. i haven't actually gotten around to getting the music player working yet) Refreshments box has been reworked code-wise, new resources on the explore page, and joined the null webring!
[3/5/2022] Finally added the animation page to the gallery and did a lot of digital scrapbooking in the process! Fixed the formatting on the gallery pages so they fit the new site format! Also, wow! 5k views! thanks guys!!!
[3/4/2022] Reformatted the site into iframes and squished it to hopefully make it look better on other displays! Added new graphics to the main and about pages! Made the blog page look better! New blog post! Got some new mutuals so added new buttons to the button page (hi guys if ure reading this btw)! Finally updated the gif of the week!
[2/22/2022] Yaaay angel numbers day :-) happy angel numbers day everyone!!!
[2/21/2022] Updated the button page, minor accessibility fixes, new gif of the week, probably some other changes ive already forgotten about.
[2/18/2022] Added a button page! New blog post! Started working on the character pages! Yay!
[2/14/2022] HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Fixed the graphics on the about and 3d art pages, made an archive for the gif of the week!
[2/13/2022] Added a gif of the week archive page, added more to the about page, and two new blog posts!
[2/10/2022] Added new decorative graphics to the gallery, added a new blog post, started working on the about again (not visible yet bc im too tired to finish it now)
[2/8/2022] Added alt text to everything! It was much less of a pain than I thought it would be (but then again, i did just zone out and churn it out for two hours). i think i got everything, but if i missed something, please let me know!!
[2/5-6/2022] ADDED THE GALLERY!! all (share-worthy) 2d art plus some 3d art from 2021-2022 is up :-) plus, a new blog post!
[2/4/2022] Minor stylistic changes, added chatbox and gif of the week.
[2/3/2022] Added two new blog entries!
[1/30/2022] SITE IS ONLINE!!!! Music player, about page, and secret shrine added! if any of you find any bugs please let me know (unless they are marked as off-limits which in that case GET OUTTA THERE!@!)
[1/28/2022] Tried REALLY hard to make the gallery page work and failed :( if anyone knows js please come help me. added custom site header, custom cursor, and refreshments!
[1/27/2022] Reformatted containers, moved changelogs, moved buttons, tried (and failed) to add a music player, added to-do list.
[1/26/2022] Added graphics, container backgrounds, and buttons.
[1/23/2022] Added side navbar, under construction page, and welcome mat.
[1/22/2022] Site construction start!
A button with a picture of Pac-man labelled 'GAMES'. A button of a rainbow hue-shifting pixel art landscape of a koi pond. The text says 'Loser on Neocities' and is animated to wiggle. A button with the Minecraft logo on it. An animated gif of green code being typed out to say the words '>fucking webmaster'. A button that has text saying 'grade a' overlayed onto a picture of strawberries. Two pixel computers sending letters between their screens. A button that says 'Piracy NOW!' and has a banner saying 'FREE' on the bottom right corner and a skull image on the right. A rainbow button that says 'BonkCentral NOW!' in black text.
A deviant art stamp with glowing green cieling stars that says 'glowing stars ❤' on it.A deviant art stamp of the Oingo Boingo logo.A deviant art stamp of an inch the worm beanie babyA deviant art stamp that says 'Totally rad'.A deviant art stamp of neon pony beadsA yellow deviant art stamp that says 'Warning: My diet consists of barbed wire'.A deviant art stamp with a rainbow that says 'Bitch please'.A deviant art stamp with a rainbow lightning bolt and text that says 'Queer villain'.A teal deviant art stamp with the biohazard symbol and says 'biohazard'.A deviant art stamp of neil the rat in front of his rainbow keyboard.A deviant art stamp with rainbow letter print and rainbow block letters that say 'Queer' in all caps.A deviant art stamp with the Gameboy startup animation.
A dithered gif of a lava lamp.A colorful geocities banner of a page called 'The tropics' with pictures of cartoon lizards on it.
A button that says '17776' in white text on a black background. Three yellow, green, and red satellites can be seen in the background. A button with a picture of a copepod (a small, oval-shaped crustacean) that says 'Jartopia' in white text. A button that says 'Rave NOW' with an animated stick figure dancing. A button showing a pixel scene of a blue sky over a green hill. A button that says 'Creating killer websites' with a picture of a fish next to it. A neon blue button with a cyan heartmonitor line in the background that says 'arcade virus' in pixel text. A button that says 'Graphic design is my passion' with clip art of a green frog. A button that says 'I hate Macintosh' with the Mac logo next to it.
An Indonesian stamp with a futuristic, robotic bug on it, commemorating the Y2K bug.
A deviant art stamp showing the 3DS splashscreen. A deviant art stamp of rainbow sticker sheets. A deviant art stamp of Hatsune Miku laughing. A deviant art stamp of a Lisa Frank kitten and puppy. A deviant art stamp of a rainbow made of balloons. A deviant art stamp with a drawing of Invander Zim. A deviant art stamp of the rotating N64 logo. A deviant art stamp of a Louis Wain cat. A deviant art stamp of Hatsune Miku blowing a kiss.

Latest Drawing:

A dark, grainy drawing of snaking centipede legs.

Woah! Isn't that cool.
Click HERE to visit the gallery (and see the full piece!)

A button that says DCS with a picture of a CD. The horse plinko animation squished to button size. Yaoi button that says 'It's okay to give your bros some love'. A button with pictures of files moving in a marquee that says 'The File Transit'. A button that says 'Yeah!' in a fun font. A button that reads 'I dream in HTML'. A button that says 'Shrimp Zone'. A button with the Cheezit logo.

Have a snack while you scroll!

A colorblock 3d model of a fridge rotating and opening its door. A transparent png of a rainbow sprinkle ice cream bar. A transparent png of several packages of Pop Rocks. A transparent png of two small green star beads. A rotating 3d model of a chocolate-covered ice cream bar. A transparent png of three candy bracelets. A transparent png of the bannanas from Animal Crossing New Leaf. A transparent png of an orange from Animal Crossing New Leaf. A rotating gif of a red apple. A transparent png of a pile of gummy sharks. A pixel gif of a dancing banana. A transparent png of a lemon from Animal Crossing New Leaf. A rotating gif of two cartoon red and white toadstool mushrooms. A transparent png of a pile of colorful rhinestones. A rotating 3d model of a white birthday cake. A bouncy gif of a 3d model of triangular swiss cheese. A transparent image of a cup of dirt with gummy worms. A transparent png of a package of Haribro brand gummy dinos.
A button that says 'The truth NOW' with a picture of a cartoon alien. A black button with a hue shifting color picker that says 'Best viewed 1024x768 16bit color'. A bright blue button that says 'Freeware guide'. A button with a sprawling green grid background and bright pink border that says 'NeoCities.org' in yellow text. A button that says 'No Fucking Thanks!' with the first letters in the phrase highlighted in red to spell out 'NFT'. There is a pixel animation of a smiley beating an NFT monkey over the head with a wooden mallet. An animated gif that flips between displaying the phrases, 'POWERED BY EvilPeople PureEvil', 'Built on the souls of the DAMNED', and 'with Unparalleled success and not a bit of regret'. A black button that says 'Ban time travel NOW' in white text. The word 'now' has quotations around it. A button that says 'Danger! dumbass Webmaster ahead.' with a picture of a green haired anime girl with swirly glasses.
A Geocities header advertising the Sunset Strip. It is colored in mostly purples and greens, and there's a warped graphic of a guitar behind the text.
An old web gif of a CGI arcade cabinet displaying the word 'Zap!' on top of bright colors. A gif of a dark blue and grey lava lamp. A gif of a light blue and grey lava lamp. A gif of a lava lamp that changes to a different color of the rainbow each frame. A gif of a lime and grey lava lamp. A transparent cut-out of Pac-Man from the original cabinet art that is animated to flip horizontally every half second.


html pacman game by onnayokheng on GitHub!

A button with the word 'WinRAR' on it, with the winrar logo next to it. A button with a picture of Hatsune Miku that says 'Vocaloid Now! 1.0'. A teal button with the Windows logo that has the text 'Windows96'. A grey button with a pixel art drawing of the Earth, that says 'WORLD WIDE WEB, Connecting people since 1991'. A rainbow button that reads 'Imaginary Land'. A white to green gradient button with a pixel art of a tv displaying a rainbow. It also has the text 'Geocities Television City'. A dark red and purple buton that reads 'Dreamworld'. A button with the Playstation logo and name.